Tracing the Koroberi brand through the years

Since our start in 1999, Koroberi has evolved with the B2B market and our logo is no exception. For the inside view of this journey, who better to ask than one of our co-founders, Kathryn Olive? Keep reading for more on our brand evolution and some interesting bonus facts!

Where does “Koroberi” come from and what does it mean?

Koroberi is a phonetic spelling of the Australian aboriginal word “Corroboree” – which is a mystic tribal dance performed in times of war, celebration and dreamtime storytelling ceremonies. The name was chosen as a metaphor for the tight-knit nature of our team, our creativity, talent for client storytelling and willingness to battle for them in challenging marketplaces around the world. It is also a salute to the Olives’ Australian heritage.

original Koroberi logo

Can you tell us about the agency when it first began and the original Koroberi logo?

The original Koroberi logo combined ancient, tribal creative impulse and earthy primal tones with the anticipation of an e-business revolution set to transform the global economy. We provided a marketing bridge for more traditional clients to transition to a modernized system of internet-based communication – more efficient and cost-effective approach.

The aboriginal theme stands out in the first Koroberi logo. How was that carried over in the second adaptation?

The three versions of our second logo used a spinning globe to serve as a reminder of our team’s international legacy and global outlook.

Koroberi logo 2, version A

Version A: By the early 2000s, the B2B love affair with glossy corporate brochures was over. Learning to navigate the World Wide Web and building a website was EVERY client’s need, while still holding onto legacy print-based products, catalogs and sales tools. Koroberi rebranded with the Koroberi super integrated marketing logo to exhibit our ability to efficiently deploy branded content seamlessly across all print and digital media, but with the speed and efficiency of digital tools. 

Koroberi logo 2, version B

Version B: With computer-driven business assuming a dominant position and the age of automation beginning to dawn, there was an emerging importance for B2B companies to recruit, target, adapt and sell to engineers worldwide. In this high-tech economy, big data, metrics and internet giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google influenced content at the expense of graphic design ethos. We positioned ourselves as a business-to-engineer agency to signal our understanding of this evolving, complex B2B marketplace.

Koroberi logo 2, version C

Version C: At the turn of the new millennium, the over exuberant dot-com stock market bubble burst spectacularly. Internet business fallout was brief but intense. Then the “new, new economy” emerged with exciting next generation internet and data-driven business models. It was time for the Koroberi brand to have a cleaner, simpler, technology-focused identity. The brighter color palette and streamlined fonts reflected a stronger European and Asian design influence and audience appeal.

Current Koroberi logo

Now that we understand Koroberi’s roots, how did the company transition to the current logo? Any symbolism behind the present-day logo?

Most obviously, the yellow “blade” is a direct homage to the agency’s aboriginal heritage. Australia is home to corroboree frogs, two species of small poisonous frogs native to southern Australia known for distinct black and yellow markings – the inspiration for our contrasting color and blade design. Like these frogs, the current K-Team is a small, yet extremely potent force.

Not only is the current Koroberi logo a beacon of the agency’s history, it also represents our evolution in today’s digital, content-driven generation. The present-day K-Team is made up of tech-savvy millennials committed to being accountable stewards of B2B client branding, messaging and outreach. We rely on marketing, branding and media strategists who bring high-energy enthusiasm for great content and design.

From a design standpoint, the 2015 rebranding of the Koroberi logo relies on the power of contrast. Yellow is the most visible color to the human eye and combines with black for the highest readability and memorable effect. The arrow design within the K is a minimalistic, yet strong element that evokes programming script. The bold simplicity and color contrast offer eye candy appeal in a world dominated by images, content and color.

As the business landscape evolves, so too does Koroberi, adapting marketing approaches and service offerings to match. Our logo evolution reflects this changing identity and the evolving world around it, offering subtle (and not so subtle) hints of the changing agency and the business climate we serve.

Kathryn Olive

Special thanks to Kathryn Olive for giving us the scoop on the Koroberi logo since 1999 and the evolutions it represents.