Koroberi is a B2B integrated marketing agency located in the North Carolina's booming Triangle. Koroberi specializes in branding, content creation, PR, advertising and digital strategy.


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236 S. Boylan Ave
Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27603
919 438 2423

Koroberi is located right ouside of downtown Raleigh, NC.
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Koroberi was founded in 1999 by Kathryn and Bruce Olive as a B2B agency specializing in science and technology marketing. Over the decades, we've stayed true to our B2B focus, partnering with companies in the supply chain, robotics, software, energy, medical and telecommunications industries – stable, growing industries that are set to fundamentally change our world.

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Our unique agency name is pronounced as CORE-ROB-UH-REE.

What's in
a name

Koroberi is a unique spelling of an Australian term, meaning a dance, party or other lively social gathering. The name was chosen as a metaphor for the tribal nature of our close team, our creativity, talent for story-telling and the joy of client collaboration.