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Helpful B2B marketing resources

We get a lot of similar questions from clients across industries. These resource guides are intended to help answer those questions through insights gleaned from our more than two decades of experience in B2B marketing. We want to share our knowledge to help you enhance your marketing initiatives.

Woman looking at a B2B content calendar for the month of March

2024 B2B content calendar

We’ve summed up the benefits of organizing your content marketing strategy, provided tips for organizing your plans and created a customizable content calendar template you can use throughout 2024.

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Close up of a folder containing several social media platforms on an iPhone
Social media

Mastering B2B social media

This guide explores the basics of a successful B2B social media strategy, from understanding the various platforms to delivering engaging content and interacting with your audience.

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Close-up of hands typing on a keyboard with search bar overlaid on top

SEO tips to boost Google rankings

Increasing organic website traffic requires strategy and consistency. In this guide, we share simple steps you can take right now to help your website rank higher on Google search engine results pages.

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How to execute a rebrand

Keeping your brand current is vital. But after you’ve settled on a new message strategy or refreshed logo, what do you do next? Read our practical guide to executing a rebrand.

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Get your go-to B2B industry benchmarking metrics in this guide

2023 B2B marketing benchmarks

We’re here to answer the question “So, Is that good?” with a summary of marketing metrics for B2B companies to help benchmark your performance against the competition.

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Get up to speed fast with our digital compliance resource guide

Digital marketing compliance

We’ve summarized the latest domestic and international data privacy laws and provided recommendations on how businesses can stay compliant in their digital marketing.

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Learn the difference between various graphic file types in this guide

Navigating graphic file types

With all the various graphic file types out there, it’s hard to always know which to use. We explain the difference between the most common file formats and best uses for each.

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Read our guide for recommended GoogleAds best practices

Google Ads 101

Every marketer should consider Google Ads as part of their digital strategy. Here’s a guide to understand the platform basics, including campaign types, targeting, bidding and more.

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