Why #AdConsistency Matters

Would you put stock into a brand or product that you can't rely on? Whether you realize it or not, your target audience ponders the same question when they encounter an ad that doesn't match your brand's image. An important component of branding should be to create and then continue strengthening its relationship with customers. Your advertising should help – not hinder – these efforts. Unfortunately, its not uncommon to see advertising campaigns that don't quite jive with recognized brand elements.

Here are our top 3 reasons why your inconsistent ads are killing your brand.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

At the core of advertising is the idea that you can persuade people to buy into your product or service offering. For this notion, it's imperative people be able to recognize you. The way to do this is through ad cohesion. Earlier this year the collaboration platform Slack underwent a rebranding based on their own admission that the company lacked cohesion "out in the wild." Slack had a variety of great ad creative, but not a lot of cohesiveness which made the brand hard to recognize. When it comes to being a defined brand, your audience expects uniformity any and everywhere it sees your name or logo.

Tweak, don't compete

Even if your new advertising campaign plan is the single most ground-breaking one ever created, do not forget your brand identity in the process! Brands all too often get caught up trying to be trendy or "different" and end up straying from their core brand values i. e., the things that make them memorable in the first place. Take the consumer brand Gap for example. In an effort to get in on the latest trends, the company changed its iconic logo only to find a very resistant and lukewarm reaction from fans. Why was everyone so "meh" on the new logo? Gap's previous simple, classic logo was considered by many to be as timeless as their clothes and so the new modern logo just didn't jive with their audience base. Trends are great, but they're trends for a reason. Knowing who you are and what your brand stands for should be paramount over being cool and hip.

Get your agency partners in formation

Depending on the size of your company, you may contract one or more agencies to support the full scope of your marketing needs. Aligning multiple agencies can be tricky when you have different teams working on new creative for an existing ad campaign. Before any new creative is discussed, take some time to go through your brand guidelines with each agency to ensure that everything being sent out adheres to both your established brand standards and existing marketing assets. All campaign assets should utilize a single consistent font, tone, imagery stylings and color palette. The last thing you want is for anyone to be able to tell which agency created which ads.

No brand standards? You’re in luck —it’s really easy to get started