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Alimak Hek

Challenge: Launch Alimak Hek’s new work platform and hoist products at the CONEXPO tradeshow to drive interest and gather market intelligence.

Solution: The entire campaign focused around a “Ticket to Ride” theme, from the mailings to the booth design. A microsite was created leading up to the event for attendees to complete a survey for a prize drawing, and gift packages were available at the expo for active participants at the booth.

Results: The booth and microsite generated valuable market data, and the “Ticket to Ride” theme energized the show sales force. The entire stock of gift packages was distributed to qualified leads.

"We initially chose Koroberi as our outside marketing agency because of their business to engineer capabilities, global reach, and full service capabilities. After two years of working together, they have become a true partner and invaluable part of our marketing organization and efforts. Their integration and support has allowed our key resources to increase focus on profitable growth."


Challenge: Position and launch a new Cisco Interworks business solution to existing global customer base, following the purchase of the IBM Ethernet and token ring LAN business unit. Complicating the business were global and vertical market differences in use of legacy and new solutions – including an embedded base of outdated token ring technology users in the European financial market who still needed support.

Solution: After a global market mapping study to discover what technology solutions were in use in what areas and markets, we relaunched the Ethernet and token ring products under the Cisco badge – specifically addressing local market expectations.

Results: The highly specific roll-out maximized customer retention, as well as provided an informed path for token ring migration to an Ethernet-based solutions.

FKI Logistex

Challenge: Transition the outdated, content-heavy FKI Logistex site to a responsive design with a focus on lead generation and internationalization to better serve their growing global markets.

Solution: We completely reengineered the client site, combining different types of advertising campaigns and cohesive messaging to drive new traffic to the site, and more importantly, to the sales representatives. It was deployed in seven languages to bridge the gap for their international audience.

Results: FKI Logistex logged 245 web-initiated inquiries via online contact forms in the first two months after the site launch. Both sides were happy with the results, and customer referrals continued to grow.

"FKI Logistex sells a complex product to a competitive and global market. Koroberi has taken the time to understand our unique attributes and our marketplace, and has become an essential part of our marketing team."


Challenge: After a successful global brand launch in 2006 and consolidation of legacy brands, Flowserve needed to fast track a second stage brand promotion and global positioning campaign to capitalize on developing opportunities in oil and gas, chemical, power and process industries worldwide.

Solution: We developed a tactical campaign road map and created a strong advertising and PR campaign with engineer sensibility. We worked with Flowserve’s other agencies across the globe to disseminate content at the lowest and most effective cost per reach, with a measurable ROI across all channels.

Results: Flowserve’s low-cost, high-return PR campaign generated media coverage worldwide and establishing a presence in emerging markets and increasing media mindshare in the U.S engineering/process market sector.

"I needed a firm that had the skill set in working in a matrix organization like Flowserve. Koroberi excelled in those areas."


Challenge: The Fujitsu 9600 ISDN switch faced a skeptical business market, reluctant to commit to a new and unknown digital communications technology.

Solution: While industry pundits jokingly referred to ISDN as “I Still Don’t Know,” we implemented an information and education campaign focused on C-suite executives to simplify a complex technology into business benefits.

Results: Hailed by the Financial Times as “one of the best new technology campaigns of the decade,” the new switch exceeded launch and first year market penetration goals.

Hickory Hardware

Challenge: Help a newly launched decorative hardware company serving the wholesale and OEM furniture markets initiate a pull-through strategy to drive increased consumer interest at the retail level.

Solution: The “Crafted For Your Life” campaign addressed key purchasing motivators revealed by focus group testing. The integrated campaign was launched at a key industry tradeshow and supported by consumer and trade ad campaigns sharing the same lifestyle photography, a PR campaign targeting trade and consumer audiences, postcard mailings, consumer collateral, and a consumer-friendly redesign of the Hickory Hardware website.

Results: The campaign increased brand recognition among retail consumers. In just five months, the campaign generated media coverage with an equivalent ad value of $2.7 million and established brand’s market positioning as design and quality leader. The campaign also helped Hickory Hardware win category leadership at major big box home improvement chain.

"Building the brand and the image has always been very important in the projects we have done with Koroberi. It always amazes me how quickly Koroberi was able to take a new brand and make it a household name."


Challenge: Refresh the aging Hyster brand with a focus on its new fact-based advertising campaign that supported its market positioning as "The Safe Choice" in the lift truck market.

Solution: We created Trucktruth.com and populated it with information to target lift truck buyers and operators. The site offers unbiased comparisons of Hyster and competitor products, as well as informative articles and reports that hit all points within the industry.

Results: The industry forum established Hyster as a thought leader, unafraid to engage in an open dialogue with competitors. The integrated “Safe Choice” campaign thrived through print advertising, PR, direct mail and national events


Challenge: Intelligrated management grew a 17-employee start-up into a 2,300+ employee global material handling powerhouse in a short ten years. Facing an increased focus on automation and software solutions, the brand needed a makeover to better align with their new business reality.

Solution: We developed new positioning, including “automation that delivers” and “software intelligence that delivers,” in conjunction with a brand refresh and new web presence.

Results: The new positioning created a rally cry for Intelligrated’s internal audience, and a strong and competitive brand promise to the external audience of customers, prospects, industry analysts and competitors.

MegaWatt Solar

Challenge: Position the start-up for success in its target markets through website development and concise brand messaging and graphic design.

Solution: We refined the MegaWatt Solar advantages and created brand statements to position the company as a low-cost innovator in the industrial solar industry. The story was told visually through informational collateral with striking graphics.

Results: The website launched prior to a major solar power trade show, and was displayed for company executives in attendance. MegaWatt Solar saw their reputation grow as a qualified solar power supplier with superior technology and competitive advantages.


Challenge: Merge two distinct brands into a single, cohesive identity that clearly communicates the company’s strengths and core competencies.

Solution: We launched a marketing campaign that included identity and collateral development, award-winning print advertising, website redesign and tradeshow support, which all focused on the new “Vision is Certainty” positioning.

Results: Paradigm’s branding effectively competed with its larger competitors. Within the first 12 months of the brand launch, 3,400 pages of editorial coverage were generated, totaling and equivalent ad value of $36.3 million.


Challenge: Position RMT Robotics as a leader in innovative robotics solutions in the North American material handling industry and secure new business opportunities.

Solution: Through brand-awareness research and outreach programs, we positioned RMT as the go-to experts for streamlining complex robotic terminology and concepts for industry articles and literature.

Results: Since the campaign launch, numerous outlets have featured RMT with other top brand names. This has led to several new business opportunities in different markets, including the addition of the company’s largest-ever contracts with a Canadian beer distributor.


We offer business marketing consulting, brand identity strategy, advertising, website development, content creation, public relations, social media support and relationship marketing.

  • Plan

    Every project starts with comprehensive research of competitors, relevant media and industry trends to establish a direction for success.

    • Strategic planning
    • Media planning and buying
    • Research & data analysis
  • Position

    A successful campaign requires strong messaging. We will help you develop that message to reach influential demographics.

    • Mergers & acquisitions
    • Positioning & messaging
    • Strategy & support
  • Build

    Effective website design, meaningful digital media, impactful graphics and collateral – We take traditional marketing mediums and integrate a heavy dose of creativity.

    • Website design
    • Digital media
    • Graphics
  • Extend

    We specialize in website development, content creation and implementing digital tools to help with marketing and sales efforts. Every project will reflect your specific goals.

    • Specialized content creation
    • Website development
    • Digital sales tool development
  • Optimize

    Your campaign isn’t finished until we evaluate the results and make sure you’re properly optimized for ongoing success.

    • Evaluation
    • Optimization
    • Metrics
    • ROI


  • Kathryn Olive, President and Co-founder

    Kathryn is a PR professional with expertise in media relations, strategic planning and content development. Recognized as a leader in women owned business, Kathryn serves as president of Koroberi and has served as CEO of sister company Ashe Avenue. Kathryn enjoys participating in community development with a special interest in mentoring young business professionals and supporting cultural arts organizations.

  • Bruce Olive, CEO and Co-founder

    Bruce has spent a lifetime helping clients communicate complex solutions, products, strategies and subject matter clearly and concisely. With over 30 years in the advertising industry, Bruce began his career as a copywriter at DDB Needham. A co-founder of Koroberi and sister company Ashe Avenue, when not developing strategy and branding solutions, Bruce stays busy in his organic garden and flying his open cockpit aerobatic biplane.

  • Glen Fellman

    EVP Chief Creative Officer

  • Mirko Mueller-Goolsbey

    EVP Group Account Director

  • Matt Murphy, Director of Client Services

    Matt graduated from the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism with a focus in advertising. He’s always enjoyed and excelled in writing, but also has extensive experience in digital marketing, public relations and media planning. His experience and knowledge led him to his current position as Ashe Avenue’s director of client services. Matt is constantly writing and reading about current trends in technology and advertising, and on the rare occasion when he isn’t in the office (or at the gym), he enjoys playing sports and fanatically following UNC basketball.

  • John McKinney

    Ashe Avenue

  • Tim Boisvert

    Lead Developer

  • Heath Beckett

    Lead Front-End Developer

  • Cindy Joung

    Technical Project Manager

  • Natalie Fioto

    Marketing Account Supervisor

  • Rob Farrell

    Applications Architect

  • Cameron Miller

    Graphic Designer

  • Ben Walker

    Front-End Developer

  • Carrie Cappiello

    Account Executive

  • Josef Komenda

    Front-End Developer

  • Shayaan Ali

    Project Manager

  • John Crouch

    Web Developer

  • Jackson Foley

    Web Developer

  • Dan Gauss

    PR Account Executive

  • Justin Hendricks


  • Oscar


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