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Joining the conversation on #Instagram? Partner with influencers to get the most out of the platform http://t.co/6J8uNrCT4x


Oct 7

Need an after-lunch pick-me-up? Peanutize yourself! Create your own Peanuts character http://t.co/jI3KCePFBU


Oct 6

#Dieselgate has cost #Volkswagen significant brand equity...Can effective crisis PR repair the damage? http://t.co/78kz7A8DmF


Oct 5

In loving memory of the victims.
In loving honor of the heroes. #Neverforget911 http://t.co/mlIpoWgeDR


Sep 11

PR doesn't have to be perplexing. Check out @Meltwater's top PR Trends. #socialmedia #insights http://t.co/hDJ6w0n8tr http://t.co/gOfJygILWc


Sep 2