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A conference virtually unlike any other

The annual International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) Convention & Expo was supposed to be held in spring 2020, but of course COVID-19 put a massive wrench in those plans. The event was initially delayed in an effort to wait out the global pandemic, but with no end in sight, was switched to a virtual format in late summer. Rather than several full days of in-person networking, the IWLA scheduled a weekly half-day virtual experience for its sponsors and attendees.

As the Sustaining Diamond Sponsor of the annual convention, our client Zethcon wanted to explore opportunities to get the most out of their sponsorship investment under the new virtual structure – with a keen focus on increased brand exposure and attendee engagement.

Sponsorship negotiations in the new normal

Koroberi quickly developed a strategy and assisted Zethcon with their negotiations. The IWLA was extremely receptive and accommodating in the delivery of the following:
  1. Prominent logo placement throughout the convention portal
  2. Branded giveaway items mailed to attendees before the event
  3. Premier banner ad placement on the association homepage
  4. Sponsored e-blast sent to all IWLA members
  5. Weekly social media shout outs
  6. 30-minute convention session slot
  7. Delivery of full contact leads for all registered attendees

Executing the vision

The most substantial deliverable in Zethcon’s sponsorship package was the convention session slot. The IWLA agreed to give our client the virtual stage for 30 minutes to present whatever content they wanted.

Koroberi worked with Zethcon to concept a video chat-style roundtable with two of their third-party logistics customers. We wanted to address the elephant in the room – how companies are handling the industry challenges associated with COVID-19 – and helped draft seed questions and prepare customer talking points to ensure a smooth presentation.

In the end, the virtual convention went on without a hitch.

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