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Give a storied lift truck brand a pick-me-up

The Yale Materials Handling Corporation, a lift truck brand with 171 years of history, benefitted from a strong reputation for its diverse product mix and outstanding manufacturing quality. And thanks to an extensive, passionate independent dealer network, sales were solid. But the competitive landscape in the U.S. was changing. New market players were steadily escalating the aggressiveness of customer incentives, advertising frequency and generally monopolizing the attention of the trade in the U.S.

The challenge for Koroberi was to get the word out about Yale’s new product innovations and productivity solutions. This would grab a greater share of the media spotlight, generate brand buzz, drive traffic to tradeshows and support lead generation initiatives.

Real productivity held out of reach

Using a mix of online surveys and phone interviews, Koroberi conducted an in-depth study with other North American lift truck dealers and distributors. We found that competitors were locking their customers into captive financial relationships through vertically integrated agreements.

This meant that even if customers could identify inefficiencies in their existing lift truck fleet, the captive terms of their contracts left many fleet owners powerless to grow their business. Their ability to scale with seasonal demand and adapt the make-up and size of their equipment to the needs of their operations was completely lost.

This is where Koroberi saw an opportunity to truly set Yale apart from its competitors.

Make a break for it

Koroberi developed a “Break Free with Yale” campaign promoting Yale’s flexible finance terms, creative fleet management solutions, alternative power solutions and large independent dealer network. With the “Break Free” integrated marketing campaign, we highlighted all the ways Yale could help prospective clients escape their current captive relationship and move toward a productive partnership built on their own terms.

Elevating the productivity conversation

From PR and digital advertising to videos and interactive displays, we showed customers that only Yale could help them break free from inefficiency, take control of their operation and truly boost productivity.
  • Its stretch goal for qualified leads coming out of a trade show (ProMat)
  • Maximum capacity at press events
  • Impressions to PR mentions for Yale and its products that were equal to a $280,000 in media spend in just eight weeks, taking the lead in competitive SOV
  • Digital ad click-through rates double that of publication averages
  • Print ad award for “attention-getting ability” in the premier material handling publication, Modern Materials Handling
And we weren’t the only one who noticed the success of the campaign.

The Yale brand feels fun and exciting again — something I haven't felt in a long time."

- A principal Yale dealer

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