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advertising campaign

You broke free – what happens next?

In 2015, Koroberi worked with Yale to develop the “Break Free” campaign, encouraging prospects to break free from the status quo of conventional suppliers and promoting Yale’s flexible finance terms, creative fleet management solutions, alternative power solutions and large independent dealer network. But after four years of successfully encouraging the industry to reevaluate partner relationships, it was time to push the conversation forward – to now rethink their challenges and spin them into opportunities. Koroberi and Yale worked together to revisit everything about the advertising experience – not just the creative – and really looked to the customer journey to drive the campaign from banner engagement to site conversions. Enter: The “What If?” advertising campaign.

Freedom to create a fresh approach

The ads are simple. We pose a question that suggests the most difficult challenges that supply chains face today may have viable solutions.
  • What if you actually knew what to do with all that fleet data?
  • What if your fleet always fit your operation?
  • What if your power source could be a source of efficiency?
  • What if you could fill the gaps in your labor pool?
We illustrated the words “What if” in a unique way on each ad to help viewers really visualize their pains. We added some subtle animations to help catch the eye and “pop” on selected media placements, and included actionable CTA language to urge the customer journey to advance. Once users either clicked through a digital ad or visited the shortened URL from print, they’d find themselves on a dedicated landing page that mirrored the ad’s look and feel. The parallax pages strategically reveal the practical solutions Yale provides to the seemingly rhetorical questions posed in the ad creative. The pages include resource links to continue educating as well as invitations to further the conversation with a dealer representative.

A launch to remember

It didn’t take long for Yale to start seeing the positive results of their new ad campaign. In less than a year, the campaign saw: 

0 %
conversion rate
0 %
increase in interaction from the previous campaign
seconds site visitors spent on these landing pages
0 %
reader recall on print
0 %
bounce rate, low especially for paid traffic

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