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trade show experience

Planning their big debut

Although MHS was founded as a materials handling integrator decades ago, the company had not placed a strong emphasis on exhibiting at industry events. But having just completed a round of acquisitions and product launches, it was time for their big debut. Our client secured a prominently positioned 4,000-square-foot booth at MODEX 2020, a large, biennial expo that showcases warehouse automation and supply chain solutions. MHS had a very clear vision of what they wanted:
  1. An exclusive yet inviting environment – Sounds counter-intuitive, right? MHS wanted to create an enticing atmosphere that attendees would be drawn to, but restrict access to just one entrance for a carefully directed flow of movement and consistent experience.
  2. Attendee engagement – After being inspired at a 20th century experiential museum in Italy, MHS wanted to recreate that feeling on the tradeshow floor. We needed to design immersive experiences to help foster engagement and information retention.
  3. A fresh persona – MHS wanted to step into the limelight as a youthful, forward-thinking company with innovative technologies. Think Tesla in a distribution center with southern Kentucky hospitality.
We lovingly dubbed the booth “Club MHS,” and were ready to get to work.

Bringing the vision to life

The key to building this experience successfully was a connected strategy. Everything from the booth staff attire and giveaways to the lighting and technology displays needed to drive to the common vision.

To begin, MHS worked with their exhibit partner EDE Corporation to design the booth layout and graphics, breaking the current trends for open floorplans and clean white walls. They went with an encapsulated layout with only one true entrance. In an effort to not compromise on booth traffic and accessibility, we added wayfinding elements on the outside walls and EDE added overhead motion lighting and backlit 3D logos to the sides. With all the lighted elements inviting booth visitors in, we then flanked the booth in darkness – black carpet and black walls with subtle white and red branded accents to really draw the eye to the digital elements.

The next task was to create the interactive booth elements, displaying MHS technologies in unconventional, memorable ways. One area was intended to promote the company’s automated mobile robot (AMR) integration capabilities. We animated a custom “three-card Monte” iPad game where booth visitors watched an MHS logo drop into one of three boxes, followed the scrambling boxes around the screen for a few seconds and then selected which box had the logo inside. MHS’s interactive partner Stamm Media developed it so that if players picked correctly, an AMR would deliver a prize directly to them.

Play Video about MHS shuttle game

Another area of the booth was to highlight MHS Helix, a lean warehouse software offering that allows customers to build their own best-fit solution from template-based modules. Based on that philosophy, we designed a custom drink builder, allowing visitors to engage with a touch-screen monitor, selecting their desired coffee or cocktail with various flavors and garnishes. Orders went straight to the bar where they were distributed in logo tumblers with quirky coasters for added flair and branding. 

But what’s a good booth if no one is there to see it? We needed to drum up interest and drive booth traffic, working months in advance to create a custom email signature with booth teasers, distribute a series of marketing emails to customers and prospects and secure sponsorships through the hosting industry association. On the PR side, Koroberi reached out to registered trade media contacts, setting up over a dozen interviews with subject matter experts. We held a media training session for SMEs and provided detailed briefing materials with suggested talking points to be sure they were comfortable, and also prepared thumb drives packed with brochures, white papers, infographics, high-resolution images, videos, press releases, etc. to ensure supplemental information was available and accessible to the media.

Play Video about Tradeshow attendee selects a beverage

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to make sure the fresh MHS persona was reinforced by the booth staff, who are really the face of the company at trade shows. We styled the team in casual and fashionable outfits for staff each day of the show, including branded quarter zip pullovers, screen printed tees and custom footwear.

Enjoying the hype at Club MHS

Although the turnout at MODEX 2020 was lower than anticipated due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the MHS booth was a success. Thanks to the collaboration between MHS, EDE, Koroberi and Stamm, it was named a “showstopper” and awarded as one of the standout exhibits by the E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation Team.

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