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advertising campaign

Spunky and smart.

As a global leader in the material handling automation industry, Intelligrated sought to establish a new brand voice with its target audience and at the same time, create more opportunities for prospect engagement.

Our target audience has Benjamin Button syndrome.

Koroberi scanned the LinkedIn profiles of individuals with job titles and company affiliations that tied to our target audience. We wanted to understand who they were, what they were interested in and what mattered to them. Our research revealed a younger and more diverse demographic who saw themselves as vital contributors to their organizations. We found that the age and career outlook were in contrast to Intelligrated’s previous audiences. The reach and interests of this new audience transcended the four walls of a warehouse facility. They were genuine proprietors of change, charged with delivering what matters.

Superman has nothing on a powerful marketing campaign.

Koroberi translated the benefits of Intelligrated solutions into terms that tapped into the youthful target audience’s elevated view of their roles. We created a “What Matters” campaign that compared labor management software to “Superpowers” and automated storage to “Innerspace,” appealing directly to the personal interests of the target audience.

“What Matters” advertising was launched in Chicago at ProMat, the world’s largest material handling trade show. The high-rotation advertising program has appeared in industry horizontal and vertical publications around the world, and included regionalization across five languages.

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The message certainly resonated with the audience.
  • Digital ad click-through rates were highest in almost four years, 300% industry averages
  • Print ad received award for “attention-getting ability” in the premier material handling publication, Modern Materials Handling
According to an independent Readex study:
0 %
percent of respondents visited the Intelligrated.com website after viewing the ad
0 %
of respondents contacted Intelligrated after viewing the ad
0 %
of respondents recommended the product/service after viewing the ad
0 %
of respondents purchased the product/service after viewing the ad

The “What Matters” campaign articulates a strong and competitive brand promise to the external audience of existing customers, prospects, industry analysts and competitors, while supporting market entry and growth of new products, software and services worldwide. The campaign program is still active and continues to deliver successful performance metrics. 

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