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Measure what counts

When Koroberi took over the Google Ads account for Honeywell’s Vocollect brand, the engagement was there, but effective lead generation and tracking was lacking. After revisiting the client’s objectives and closely examining the account’s past performance, it became clear that brand recognition had been accomplished. The campaign goal needed to graduate. Click-through rate (CTR) had previously been the metric used to measure success. While insightful, a click is only as good as the intent behind it. The new goal became to convert these Google Ads clicks into quantifiable opportunities for the sales team.

Narrow your focus, maximize your potential

Koroberi implemented a strategy to weed out clicks from existing customers already familiar with Honeywell or Vocollect and its solutions. Instead, we wanted to hone in on prospective customers that were ready to start a real conversation.

Koroberi worked with Honeywell’s marketing team to revamp the campaign architecture to better support the customer journey, while also align more closely with sales objectives and benchmarks. Through in-market audience monitoring and advanced search term analysis, we refreshed the account’s text ads, keywords and landing page content. A unique conversion code snippet was created and applied to each campaign for clear and comprehensive tracking within Vocollect’s CRM.

Follow the path to sales

Almost instantly, ad traffic declined but conversions soared. After just eight months of diligent conversion tracking and audience refinement, Vocollect’s verified Google Ads sales opportunities exceeded an 

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return on ad spend (ROAS)
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increase in Vocollect's impression share
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