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Frankie Forklift
YouTube advertising

Here comes Frankie

Frank Clark is vice president of The Lilly Company, a family-owned material handling dealer, with a focus on lift trucks and ancillary equipment. With a lifetime of industry knowledge, Clark was looking for a way to make material handling interesting to his young twin boys. He invented an animated character – “Frankie Forklift” – as a way to teach simple life lessons to children with unique messaging related to material handling. “Frankie Forklift and Friends” quickly grew to encompass a children’s book, merchandise and animated video series.

Clark connected with Koroberi through an industry networking event and asked for some help to increase awareness of Frankie Forklift. He wanted to elevate the brand’s recognition in the material handling industry to then have professionals share with their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. 

Utilizing the world of YouTube

To accomplish Clark’s goals, Koroberi launched a YouTube Ads campaign to drive video views and channel subscriptions on the Frankie Forklift YouTube page. Koroberi worked with Clark’s video production team to develop a 15-second commercial script, introducing Frankie and inviting parents and kids to visit the official channel for new content. Koroberi also implemented targeting methods to reach extremely specific but high-traffic children’s YouTube channels.

The three-month YouTube campaign marked Frankie Forklift’s first venture into paid advertising. The approach garnered over 65,000 views for the commercial, with 100% of views coming from verified parental accounts. 

Growing the fan base

Two main goals were set for the quick-turn campaign:

Reach at least a 50 percent increase in views across all existing Frankie Forklift videos

Reach 100 YouTube channel subscriptions

Within 30 days campaign goals were exceeded. As a result of Koroberi’s efforts, the Frankie Forklift YouTube channel saw an increase in views by 155 percent – over three times the initial goal – and also grew subscriptions by 119 percent. 

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