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You can’t build a house by starting with the roof. Any physical structure first needs a solid foundation to support its weight – and the same goes for email marketing.

We recently took a “from the ground up” approach in creating an email marketing program for Eco-Site, a rapidly expanding wireless tower and infrastructure company. They wanted to increase the visibility of their colocation services, drive traffic to their online Site Locator tool and promote available tower sites. 

Building a strong foundation in analytics

Someone once said, “If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it.” We needed the ability to see email campaign results, gather information on leads as they were generated and optimize our efforts based on those findings. First, we sought visibility, by connecting the previously separate Site Locator tool and the Eco-Site website under the same Google Analytics account. Then we integrated all of Eco-Site’s MailChimp campaigns to track subscriber behavior between communications. OK, foundation poured. Time to build. 

Getting to work

We wanted to create emails that were not only effective at communicating the Eco-Site message to potential customers, but also easy to use. We designed and developed several email templates with built-in modular sections and styles, making it simple to plug in as little or as much information as each campaign required – no developer help necessary.

Keeping user experience in mind, we added opportunities for recipients to choose their own path if the principal message didn’t resonate. For instance, if the main message was to drive traffic to a specific tower site, we also added click-through options to the Site Locator tool for additional sites. Our building is taking shape – the walls are up! Time for the roof.

Proper list segmentation proved crucial for improving engagement, ensuring deliverability, avoiding spam traps — and most importantly — keeping Eco-Site’s sender score high. We worked with regional sales teams to develop a master database with sortable fields to help us filter for appropriate contacts when building email campaign distribution lists.

The house is complete 

Within the first six months, we deployed 46 email campaigns, resulting in:

0 %
average unique open rate
0 %
average click-through-rate
< 0 %
unsubscribe rate
0 %
total deliverability rate

Make no mistake, getting an email marketing campaign off the ground can certainly look daunting at the start. But taking a step back, having a clear vision of what success looks like and starting from the ground floor will serve you well. Our “ground-up” approach definitely paid off for us!

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