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Major growth and a profile to match 

Since its inception in December of 2012, Eco-Site has experienced rapid growth, with an ever-expanding portfolio of wireless infrastructure sites, generous funding and agreements with major carriers. But one thing was missing – a larger profile commensurate with its growth. Eco-Site identified local and national business media outlets as targets and Koroberi concepted a PR program consisting of press release distribution and media outreach to generate meaningful engagement.

Setting the table – Think beyond the announcement

Every company’s story consists of multiple parts, best told by several voices. To help each publication get the most value from Eco-Site announcements with the most relevant angle, Koroberi provided pre-framed story angles and added commentary according to publication interests like finance, wireless industry trends, local business developments and more. Crucially, company executives offered generous interview availability, enabling publications to get their own exclusive content and provide their unique perspective on company announcements.

Breaking through

These efforts resulted in extended coverage in North Carolina- and Triangle-focused publications and even blossomed into recognition from national outlets. Eco-Site appeared in Fortune Magazine’s financial term sheet and the Wall Street Journal interviewed the CEO for a story on funding for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The resulting media coverage helped establish Eco-Site as a fast-growing, well-funded company, with momentum to meet the demands of a changing wireless industry.

We helped Eco-Site grab the attention of the Wall Street Journal.
Both local and national outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Inside Towers, and WRAL TechWire have covered Eco-Site in recent years.
The Wall Street Journal interviewed Eco-Site's CEO for a story on funding for small-to-medium sized businesses.

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