Defining robotics

Yale Materials Handling is on the cutting edge of robotic lift truck technology. But to bring the solutions successfully to manufacturing and distribution markets, it needed a strategic campaign, fueled by rich content.

Koroberi started by grasping a full understanding of available robotic technologies in the market. Automated guided vehicles were the norm for point-to-point transport, but in comparison to Yale’s solutions, they were outdated in their reliance on fixed path navigation. Yale’s robotic lift trucks eliminate the need for wires or tracks by integrating into existing operations with infrastructure-free navigation.

A series of messages were developed for target personas and pain points, as well as a visual theme to tie everything together. 

Navigating the journey

Using the established messaging and visual theme, Koroberi developed a large suite of content intended for prospective customers at different stages of the buying process.

Awareness – We created and distributed content to make prospects aware that these robotic lift truck solutions exist. Koroberi assisted Yale in social media, search engine marketing, trade advertising, press releases, email campaigns and trade show booth demonstrations.

Interest – Once prospects were aware of the solutions, we provided additional materials to assist in their path of self-education. This included landing pages, infographics, videos and feature articles.

Consideration – And finally, we created in-depth thought leadership content to push prospects through the consideration phase. This included a white paper on the ROI of implementing robotics and presentation content for use at industry events and sales meetings.

Delivering results

Within a year, Yale's robotic lift truck campaign garnered: 

  • Over 8K email impressions with an average open rate of 24.9%
  • Almost 1.4M editorial impressions
  • Over 345K digital advertising impressions with 2K banner ad clicks
  • More than 69K impressions across social media platforms
  • Site visitors spent an average of 2:16 mins on the landing page
  • Generated over 480 new leads



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