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Seize untapped opportunity at the regional level

Effective marketing means delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. It also means that there can be no deficiencies in your message’s reach – it must touch the entire audience, not just part of it.

Intelligrated, a leader in material handling automation, enjoyed widespread recognition globally and nationally. But the sales teams discovered new business leads at the regional level were not as familiar with the company’s offerings – the brand message wasn’t effectively trickling down to smaller, local targets.

To ensure prospective customers were consistently finding the Intelligrated brand when searching online for relevant products and services, Koroberi recommended a highly-targeted, regionalized SEM campaign utilizing Google AdWords.

Aim at the right target

During discovery calls with Intelligrated Southwest and Southern regional sales teams, it quickly became apparent that each region, unsurprisingly, had distinct needs and focuses. The Southwest operations team wanted to focus on case, tote and polybag conveyors and sortation systems, while the Southern region preferred to focus on order fulfillment technologies.

Koroberi account planning and media teams implemented a cost-per-click search network AdWords campaign targeting specific in-demand products, solutions, and services by region using localized language. The campaigns included strategic keyword targeting based on monthly historic search volume, competitor presence and contextual matches to existing landing page content.

To complement the regional SEM campaigns, corporate brand awareness banner ads were launched nationwide on the display network. With ads on both networks running simultaneously, regional targets were able to find Intelligrated when searching for relevant services, as well as see Intelligrated banner ads running on frequented websites for added exposure.

Positioned for regional growth

The highly-targeted keyword strategy proved to reach the intended regional audiences, propelling Intelligrated to a consistent presence in the top three positions on search engine results pages in each given region. And using the previous year’s average product campaign click through rate (CTR) as a benchmark, we saw the following results just six months after launching:

0 %
increase in the Southwest region’s average CTR
0 %
increase in the Southern region’s average CTR

As a result of the regional campaigns’ successes, Koroberi began working with local Intelligrated associates to implement similar SEM activities for all remaining regions. The Koroberi team also utilized the program insights to develop and execute a regionalized SEO campaign for search engine domination.

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