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Geomagic branding

To scale a vision you need to codify it.

While Geomagic grew into a global software company, the company’s image had not grown with it. To attract the type of investments, employees and business relationships Geomagic needed to keep growing, we needed to realign the brand to reflect its market position.

Geomagic’s vision was largely carried by Ping Fu, founder and CEO, and her executive leadership team. While everyone had been solely focused on creating the best possible 3D digital shape sampling software, the brand message and company philosophy was less understood. Every successful start-up reaches an inflection point where the founders have to codify their vision and brand essence for it to become a shared and business-building asset.

Find a brand’s essence, and show it off.

We set out to address Geomagic’s challenge using a two-pronged strategy: give their software product the brand packaging it deserved, and then promote Fu as face of the company to (re)energize press, stakeholders and prospective partners. We created a crisper articulation of what Geomagic stood for – an internal and external brand and voice that was cohesive, consistent and progressive. One that better encapsulated the vision of the leadership team and one that projected maturity and scaled to fit the global stage. Through targeted PR, and long days and nights of engaging with every editor with influence, we worked closely with the team to shine a big spotlight on both Geomagic and Fu.

Out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Within six months, we landed Fu on the cover of Inc. Magazine as Entrepreneur of the Year, and generated over 257 pages of editorial media coverage for Geomagic and its industry solutions across key trade publications in the U.S, U.K. and Germany. We helped reposition Geomagic and its executives as leading technology innovators and subsequently lead to a growth-inspiring acquisition by 3D Systems.

We can help reposition your brand and executive team as industry leaders.