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BW Integrated Systems
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Processing the request

BW Integrated Systems (BWIS), a provider and integrator of end-of-line packaging equipment, needed short-term assistance maintaining their LinkedIn and Facebook channels while their regular resource was out on parental leave. We had never worked with the brand before and had very little time to prepare. We immediately learned about BWIS’s role and offerings in the packaging industry so we could recommend relevant topics and produce high-quality content that at the very least sustained the company’s engagement rates across social media channels.

Packaging the strategy

Although we didn’t have the time or budget to do a full-blown strategy, we knew we needed to make a few key adjustments to the BWIS social media program:
  • Post volume:
    Prior to our involvement, BWIS posted once or twice per month on both LinkedIn and Facebook. We increased their cadence to two posts per platform, per week, providing more consistent visibility to the company’s followers.
  • Copy style:
    We revisited the length and tone of BWIS’s post captions. Even though these are business accounts, followers still have short attention spans and require a reason to stop their scroll. We adopted a more personable, relatable tone and used shorter sentences and creative hooks to produce more entertaining and engaging content.
  • Graphic support:
    BWIS came to us with a major advantage: the company had a wealth of video footage of their packaging equipment in action. However, BWIS tended to post these videos in full – often long durations with heavy on-screen explanatory text. We opted to take shorter clips from these videos and add branded animated elements and bold, benefit-focused text overlays.
  • Topic selection:
    At the start of our collaboration with BWIS, the company provided us a list of products and solutions to focus on for the month’s posts. But as time went on, we took on an increased role in topic ideation. Rather than solely focusing on the company’s promotional priorities, we recommended working in topics that aligned with industry trends, current events, social engagement best practices and more.

Delivering results

BWIS approved of our shifts in social media strategy and elected to extend their work with us beyond the initial three-month engagement. We continue to create their social media content today.

In the first nine months of Koroberi managing their accounts, BWIS’s engagement rate improved by 8% on LinkedIn and a whopping 220% on Facebook. The company also saw substantial increases in impressions – 336% on LinkedIn and 577% on Facebook.

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