An opportunity to streamline

Teleflex, a major player in the global medical device industry, was right on the cusp of a new product campaign when they chose Koroberi to assist with their email marketing efforts. Although Teleflex had a well-established email marketing program, their campaigns needed to evolve beyond one-and-done sends. Koroberi and Teleflex determined a redesign was in order for their marketing email and landing page templates to bolster engagement and conversions through multi-touch campaigns. The goal was to streamline their efforts by providing clean, drag-and-drop templates that would allow for autonomy in creating their own quick-turn campaigns.

High-impact templates for the win

Koroberi started with a content audit, reviewing all recent and planned materials to support the upcoming product campaign. We determined Teleflex needed 3 email and 2 landing page templates to allow for utmost variability. Templates were categorized by 1) informational 2) visual and 3) multi-topic emails, with 1) educational and 2) lead generation-focused landing pages.

Once the client's needs were established, we created wireframes and designs that could meet the client's demands for flexibility and usability. With approved designs in hand, Koroberi worked with a team of web developers and Eloqua implementation experts to make the templates functional and responsive.

Embracing email autonomy

Koroberi conducted training sessions with the Teleflex marketing team to ensure proper understanding and usage of the email and landing page templates. We also built out new lead capture forms to connect with the client’s CRM and developed a suite of Photoshop templates to ensure accurate and consistent image sizing.

Today, the Teleflex marketing team creates their campaign deliverables without external technical assistance. Since launching, form submission rates have increased nearly 600% and audience engagement and conversions have increased as well.

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