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Helpful B2B marketing resources

We get a lot of similar questions from clients across industries. These resource guides are intended to help answer those questions through insights gleaned from our more than two decades of experience in B2B marketing. We want to share our knowledge to help you enhance your marketing initiatives.

MHS programmatic ad campaign

Working with our client MHS, we executed a programmatic advertising campaign to reach decision-makers in new places online and increase brand awareness in a cost-efficient way.

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Warehouse worker pulls a lift truck

Yale brand campaign

Working with our longtime client Yale, we executed a range of advertising and social media tactics to create a comprehensive digital campaign that reached their established audience of decision-makers as well as a new target audience – end-users.

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MHS's MODEX trade show experience

MHS trade show experience

We partnered with MHS to create a “showstopping” booth experience, complete with interactive displays, eye-catching graphics and branded staff attire. We promoted via advertising, email campaigns and trade media coverage to attract the most visitors.

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Image of IWLA login page with Zethcon's logo visible

Zethcon virtual trade show

When an in-person event moved online, we worked with Zethcon and the convention hosts to create a virtual trade show experience like none other, with prominent ad placements, sponsored e-blasts, social media posts, a coveted session slot and more.

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Yale What If? advertising case study

Yale advertising campaign

Koroberi worked with Yale to revisit everything about their advertising experience – not just the creative – and really looked to drive the customer journey. The result? An ad campaign with a 1.1% conversion rate.

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Yale end rider product launch case study

Yale product launch

Yale turned to Koroberi to help strategize and implement a product launch campaign. The 18-month campaign included email campaigns, social promotions, banner ads, press releases, video concepts, landing pages and a full suite of sales collateral.

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Read our case study of how we helped Yale Robotics market launch.

Yale Robotics market launch

Yale Robotics was ready to launch its new technology to the manufacturing and distribution markets, but needed a strategic campaign, fueled by rich content. Koroberi delivered a series of messages for personas and pain points at various stages of the buying journey.

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Frankie Forklift YouTube advertising case study

Frankie Forklfit YouTube advertising

Koroberi launched a YouTube Ads campaign to drive video views and channel subscriptions on the Frankie Forklift YouTube page. The short campaign reached its goal within the first 30 days, increasing views by 155% and subscriptions by 119%.

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Honeywell Google Ads search

Honeywell needed to graduate its Google Ads campaign goal from brand recognition to qualified lead generation. Koroberi revamped the campaign architecture and refreshed the account’s text ads, keywords and landing page content, resulting in an 8:1 return on ad spend.

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Honeywell Intelligrated Google Ads search advertising case study

Intelligrated Google Ads search

Intelligrated turned to Koroberi to help increase its brand recognition at the regional and local levels. We implemented a highly targeted Google Ads search campaign for target regions and a complimentary display network campaign nationwide.

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Intelligrated What matters advertising campaign

Intelligrated advertising campaign

Intelligrated wanted to capture their evolving target audience and directly appeal to their personal interests. Koroberi created the “What Matters” advertising program and placed in industry publications around the world, including regionalization across five languages.

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