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When we first partnered with RMT Robotics, the bottom had just fallen out of the automotive industry, their core market. They needed to find new opportunities in other verticals fast. The trouble was, very few people outside the autonomous industrial robotics world had ever heard of them. RMT was a small fish leaping into a bigger and rapidly expanding automation pond. Our challenge was to position RMT Robotics as a leader in innovative robotics solutions and help them secure badly needed new business.

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At the time, the topic of automation was sweeping the North American material handling industry. We had deep knowledge of this world because of other client relationships. The folks at RMT Robotics had incredibly robust knowledge of industrial-level autonomous robotic solutions. Together we identified the material handling industry as an opportunity ripe for the picking. Editors of material handling trade publications were desperate for fresh faces and fresh stories around the topic of automation. Enter RMT Robotics.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

We could get the material handling market to notice RMT Robotics by spending a ton in media, securing a few high-profile contracts and then writing case studies about them, but that would take time (and money) that we just didn’t have. Instead, through brand-awareness research and media outreach programs, we positioned RMT as the go-to experts for unpacking and explaining complex robotic terminology and concepts, which made it easy for industry publications to use in articles and literature. We gave the industry what they wanted: access to innovative automation content. They gave us what we wanted: exposure.

Crack open a beer and celebrate.

Soon after the outreach campaign started, RMT Robotics started appearing in numerous industry outlets and publications. RMT was being mentioned in the same breath as other market leaders, which helped to quickly elevate brand recognition and reputation. Not only did the strategy lead to several new business opportunities in new markets, it directly contributed to RMT securing a contract with a Canadian beer distributor, its largest contract ever.

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