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Paradigm was formed when an investment group purchased two subsurface geo-modeling software companies with the intention of combining the firms to better compete with larger industry players. The challenge for us and the Paradigm CMO, was merging the two distinct and competitive brands into a single cohesive identity that clearly conveyed the combined company’s strengths and core competencies. In addition, we needed to simultaneously create a compelling articulation of the benefits that made Paradigm’s 3D subsurface oil and gas exploration software superior to services offered by its much larger competitors.

Hide-and-seek is so old school.

At the time, Haliburton and Schlumberger had the exploration market in a choke hold. They were vertically integrated from exploration to extraction however, creating a potential for conflict of interest in the pure exploration phase. In contrast, Paradigm’s focus only on the exploration phase resulted in an “unconflicted” service, leaving extraction and production to the client.

Turn your strength into your rival’s weakness.

We needed a positioning that questioned the status quo proselytized by the competition. We needed to expose the competition’s weakness while conveying Paradigm’s inherent strengths. We also needed it to be a platform that could carry Paradigm years into the future. That’s when “Vision is Certainty” was born. We carried it deep into all of Paradigm’s communications – the website, print and digital advertising, marketing and sales collateral and event experiences.

When you have a good story, people want to hear it.

Within the first 12 months of the “Vision is Certainty” launch, our David and Goliath story garnered 3,400 pages of editorial coverage for Paradigm. The platform’s branding gave Paradigm the visibility it needed among its larger competitors. The platform also increased the company’s profile among internal and external stakeholders. 

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