Shifting email forward

Global material handling systems provider MHS needed to launch an email marketing program —  fast. With several new product launches and industry tradeshows coming down the pipeline, the brand wanted to make a splash, and also keep their customers up to date. MHS turned to Koroberi to design and develop a suite of email templates in Mailchimp that were flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of content and simple enough to create campaigns quickly.

Designed for need

We discussed the current and future email needs MHS anticipated to determine four priority templates. These were: 1) collateral promotion, 2) event invitation, 3) product launch and 4) multi-topic. We designed each template to accommodate unique content needs but share a cohesive brand look and feel. Once approved, we coded into HTML, uploaded to Mailchimp and configured for easy, plug-and-play use. 

Later, with an eye towards optimization, we saw the value of developing an additional plain text template to better facilitate the handover of marketing to sales. Meant to push hot leads out of a nurture campaign and into direct sales conversations, this template mimics the style of an Outlook email, with an email signature and reply-to address for their actual MHS contact.

A better and faster future

Since launch, MHS has observed email open and click through rates 16% higher than their industry peers. The marketing team can create these branded, launch-ready emails in less than 15 minutes, greatly reducing the strain on company resources and allowing for conversations to pivot quickly.


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