Evolve or else.

Intelligrated blossomed from a 17-employee conveyor manufacturer to a 2,600-employee materials handling automation powerhouse in 13 short years. Facing an increased focus on diversified solution offerings and global expansion, the company needed to evolve its brand platform and deepen its market message.

Know thy self.

Brand awareness data derived from market studies from Investor Group Services (IGS) and Baird Credit Suisse, competitor research and client workshops were used to identify key industry trends, pain points and messaging gaps. Our biggest takeaways were: (1) At its core, automation is a productivity driver; (2) Prospects are looking for smart, integrated turn-key solutions when choosing a vendor; (3) Customers are concerned with customer service and execution quality. All of this was compounded with the need for the brand platform to scale and adapt in the rapidly growing supply chain and e-commerce industries.

Deliver everything you want.

We staked out and successfully established a brand position the market was lacking. “Automation that delivers” became our battle cry. Intelligrated’s automated material handling solutions are literally part of the process to deliver a new pair of pumps to a home address or a box of clementines to a grocery store. But also, the products and services deliver peace of mind to warehouse and logistics managers around the world. The positioning trickled down in every aspect of our integrated marketing campaign. We employed world-class public relations, redesigned marketing collateral and developed an enterprise-level web presence in five languages.

Project with strength.

Intelligrated’s new and improved global brand position articulates a strong and competitive brand promise to the external audience of customers, prospects, industry analysts and competitors, and supports market entry and growth around the world. 

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