The social strategy to make every industry event buzz-worthy

The one opportunity you don’t want to miss out on during a busy event season? A strong social presence! Whether it’s a trade show, conference or speaker event, engaging on social media can mean the difference between growing awareness for your brand and relying on foot traffic alone to start those meaningful conversations.

Don’t fret, we’ve put together a mindful social media strategy guide to use for your next big event.

The early bird catches the worm (err, attention)

Before the event even starts, kickstart brand conversation on social media anywhere from a few weeks to a month ahead of time. Using your social platforms as an extension of your event presence can act as a megaphone to amplify awareness and even pay off with more engagements during the show.

  • Hashtag it up! Official tradeshow and conference hashtags are your friends. Think of them as your keys to connecting with the community surrounding the event as well as anyone and everyone attending or even remotely interested in the event’s subject matter.
  • Tease new products or programs that will be unveiled during the show. Doing so piques your audience’s attention and gives them a taste of what they can look forward to seeing from your company.
  • Toot your own horn. If you’re sponsoring a specialty booth or speaker during the event, now’s the time to spread the word about it! Let your audience know what they can look forward to and build traction with them ahead of the actual big day – doing so means more of them will want to see it for themselves.

In the eye of the storm? 

While shaking hands, exchanging names and engaging in thought leadership, stopping to manage your social media is the last thing you want to worry about. Set your brand up for success during an event so you can focus on the networking and in-person exchanges without compromising any online conversations.

  • Post that pic, share that video. Doing so is a no-brainer, but publishing content from the event is how you can bring the show to your audience at home and involve them in the conversation. We suggest having a list of pictures and videos you want to capture at the ready. Booth photos paint a picture of what attendees can expect from your company and gives them a visual of what’s on display – just enough to have them swing by to interact with it for themselves.
  • Scheduling is your bread and butter. Start using scheduling platforms like Sprout Social and HootSuite to support a consistent, well-stocked social feed during an event. Load up pre-drafted content for sharing during the show so you don’t have to worry about handling on the fly.
  • Stay social during the event! If an editor or attendee takes a photo or video at your booth and shares it on social, show them your appreciation by retweeting and engaging with them online. They’ll remember you did so, and it extends the conversation long after the show floor closes for the day.

Close out the event with a bang

After attendees return home, use social media to rejuvenate connections established during the show and build new rapport with likeminded audiences.

  • Share the wealth of knowledge gained during the event. Write a blog or social post touching on key points from seminars, educational and interactive content and your favorite parts of the event.
  • Keep the good times rolling. Wrap up the event by publishing pictures on social media from press conferences, media interviews and fun pics like company bonding sessions. 
  • Stay involved. Sure, the event is over, but the social conversations are still flowing. Go through event hashtags and interact with attendees to keep your brand top-of-mind. Doing so allows you to reshare the best post-event content and cement connections made on the show floor.

The K-Team uses the above tips at trade shows and conferences, and we hope you find them useful for your next big event. In need of some additional support in the social content creation arena? Check out our previous blog on defining and creating content for your purpose.