Social media series part 1: keeping a fresh foundation

The social media world we live in is defined by constant change. This means that whether you’re running agency or client accounts, you need to stay fresh and innovative to break through the clutter and get noticed. Start with these four tips to keep accounts engaging and make the most of social efforts.

1. Software

A constant stream of relevant content is why users come to your page, but keeping your queue stocked can be a challenge. We suggest using social media software like HootSuite or Sprout Social to schedule your posts in advance and monitor how well your content performs with analytics. Software brings your pages to the next level by highlighting post times likely to garner the most engagements while also allowing you to export analytics reports to monitor growth and performance.

2. Patience and personality

In a sea of successful influencers, it can be intimidating starting social accounts from scratch. Show your potential audience why they should follow you in the first place by establishing a distinct personality for your page. Distinguish your page by posting a variety of content specific to your brand that weaves in a personal voice with fresh captions and commentary. Stay patient and you’ll soon build a faithful audience that craves your content. Embrace fresh captions and commentary to give your account a bold personality and help it stand out.

3. Run campaigns and promotions

To draw in new views and potential followers, consider investing in your page by running ad campaigns, promotions or contests. Users love earning rewards simply by commenting or answering questions. These types of posts are a worthwhile investment that allow page owners to monitor who sees their content, how they respond and what they want to see next. Take note of how well ads or promotions perform for insight into what strategies do and don’t work, and then curate your future content with this in mind.

4. Engage directly

You know the saying “the only way to have a friend is to be one?” It definitely applies to your social media channels. Reach out to other creators with whom you’d like to build a mutually beneficial relationship. They may want to collaborate on a giveaway or promotion in the future! To familiarize yourself with your audience and vice-versa, look through their channels, take note of their interests and give them replies, mentions or shout outs. Foster relationships by responding to users directly – they’re likely to return the favor. Avoid using canned, pre-written responses and be sure to keep a personal voice on your platform. 

As social media continues to evolve, there’s always a new page or user to check out. Online communities are hubs for sharing ideas, and yours will be best-received from a page featuring fresh content and a personable tone. Try these four tips to lay a foundation for social media success … and then stay tuned for our second, more advanced installment!