Snackable content: Small bites, big impact

What’s the first thing you do while standing in line at the post office? Or waiting on your lunch to heat in the microwave? Sitting in the car waiting for your friend to get off work?

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or popular news stories, scrolling on our mobile devices is the principal way we consume media today. A 2017 study revealed we spend nearly three hours every single day on our smartphones. Marketers can’t possibly ignore stats like these.

We briefly explored this topic in our Copywriting tips for 2018 … and beyond! blog where we pointed out that the average reader only spends about 37 seconds skimming an article or blog post. 37 seconds! It takes more time to brush your teeth!

Marketers must plan and create content geared for the mobile consumer. That’s your audience, regardless of where in the marketing galaxy you transmit your signal. Mobile audiences want delicious, to-the-point, easy-to-digest content.

This kind of concise, easy-to-read content is being referred to more and more as “snackable.” Though that’s somewhat of a misnomer, it’s still pretty accurate. We say misnomer because your content should be hearty and filling like a four-course meal! But with the right execution, your snack-sized messaging can carry the nourishment of an entire buffet-sized billboard of ideas.

Obviously, social media platforms make this easy. No one gets on Twitter to take a deep dive. So, when making content snacks, visual appeal should be front and center – make it fun to look at, fast and easy to digest.

And when it comes to visuals, a compelling quote goes a long way. Audiences love a good quote, and when coupled with the right image, it can really give you some serious social bang for your buck. Free, online tools like Canva and Phonto make it almost criminally easy to make quote visuals that pop right off the screen.

These bite sized bits not only look cool, they can really do some heavy lifting – like drive traffic to larger content pieces, tease upcoming events or simply reinforce your brand voice.

And let’s not forget video marketing. The demand for video content is growing and shows no sign of slowing down. How you harness the power of this medium is really wide open. It can be as simple as a fun Boomerang or a (very) short film. But whatever you choose, remember – keep it snackable!

What marketers do with this knowledge will matter increasingly more as new ways to send and share information present themselves to the market. For now, amplifying your brand voice with snackable content should be at the top of everyone’s daily menu.