Quick tips to get over a frustrating writer’s block

Blinking cursor, blank screen. There’s nothing worse than staring at this while under the pressure of a tight deadline. When tasked with copywriting, getting started is often the hardest part. Here are some tips to tackle that pesky writer’s block when it creeps in to threaten productivity.

Crowdsource creativity

When writer’s block bogs you down, try outsourcing your brainstorming sessions for some fresh perspective. Group brainstorming offers different viewpoints and opinions from colleagues. Creativity is a team effort; the best ideas often aren’t born from a single mind. If you don’t have anyone to crowdsource from in person, look online! Specific sub-Reddit threads are a great way to get some good feedback on writing.

Dig up a blast from the past

Writer’s block can make you feel like you have never had an original idea in your life or possess a creative bone in your body. Resist the urge to throw in the towel and start by digging up past examples of times you’ve absolutely killed it. Seeing past successes can build up confidence, which is sometimes all you need to get going. Also, reframing existing content to fit another format can offer a fresh take on old work!

Take the temperature of the industry

Try checking in with the rest of industry. Reading articles specific to your industry can help broaden your perspective and help put your work in context. Knowing industry pressures, trends and latest innovations can make your writing more relevant and impactful. BONUS: If nothing comes from researching industry trends, at least you did some productive procrastinating.

Look for cues in keywords

SEO keywords are a great place to start when stuck, since they indicate the type of content for which your target audience seeks. Keyword research can help you shape content to address your audience more effectively. Look to Google TrendsGoogle Keyword Planner, and Keyword Tool for help finding the best-fit keywords for niche topics. Start stringing together some sentences with top keyword matches and you’ll be putting the finishing touches on your next masterpiece before you know it.

Start anywhere, write anything

Sometimes perfectionism gets in the way of our best writing. One technique that can be incredibly helpful in these situations is the act of freewriting – writing continuously for a set period of time without worrying about accuracy, punctuation or usability. You don’t even have to start at the top! Start with the conclusion or a supporting bullet point if that’s the first thing to pop in your head. The important thing is to start and trust the process!