LinkedIn best practices for B2B marketers

Since its launch in 2002, LinkedIn has become the premier social networking site for more than half a billion professionals looking to connect. For industry-specific information and career expansion resources, there is no greater site on the web.

But LinkedIn has also proven to be a powerful marketing tool, especially in the B2B space. Using social media for lead generation is common in B2C marketing, but more and more B2B business are taking advantage of LinkedIn’s proven tools to reach relevant decision makers. Here are some things to keep in mind as you refine your LinkedIn presence.

Speak directly to your audience

When writing your company’s “About Us” description, don’t just offer mundane details about when it started or how many people you employ. That’s not how new leads are created. Rather, use this space as an opportunity to immediately target your audience by identifying them in the first few lines. Then be sure to include your value proposition, the service you provide and why you’re the best in the biz.

Blog on the publishing tool

The relatively new feature on LinkedIn’s “Employee Perspectives” section allows employees of your company to have a voice. It provides a great opportunity to write insightful posts about industry trends and perspectives on what your company values. And bonus: it allows for more potential views and broadens readership interest.

Don’t skimp on your banner image

The first thing visitors to your LinkedIn company page will see is the banner image, so it needs to look great. This prime piece of real estate is also an easy way to convey a few things about your company – whom you serve, what you provide and what makes you different. Sit down with your design folks and discuss formulating a snazzy banner that not only conveys the proper messages but also stands out amongst the herd.

Get in with the group

Participating in LinkedIn groups is a fantastic way to promote your brand without actually advertising your products or services. Groups provide a forum to ask questions, provide answers or spark debates and lively discussions. Starting your own group and populating it with solid thought leadership content positions you as a leader in your industry. Join other groups to extend your reach, but make sure the group is active and doesn’t have too many members – you don’t want your voice to get lost in the mix.  

Grow your crowd

As you establish your company’s more active presence on LinkedIn and continue to post great content, your followers will have more trust in you. This makes it easier to reach out to your network to join email lists or receive post updates. Don’t just sit back and hope for opt-ins. Engage with your followers!

The fact that 92 percent of marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other social platforms should tell you something. The sheer effectiveness of LinkedIn’s tools and the scope of its reach are second to none in terms of audience impact and usability. Establishing an engaging LinkedIn presence for your company could be the easiest, most powerful marketing decision you make all year.