How to create a kick-ass landing page

We get questions from clients all the time about what makes a good landing page. And we always start answering that question with defining landing pages’ uses and purpose.

Landing pages are the pages on which visitors land after clicking on an advertisement, email campaign, event promotion or other marketing activity. They are not one-size fits all, but rather very tailored to a specific activity and audience.  The primary goal is to initiate conversation and encourage action, and actions generate potential leads for new business.

OK, now we can go into the details -

Content: Your landing page should be simple and focused, only providing the necessary information for visitors to convert. You want to quickly grab their attention with compelling headlines, informative graphics and easy-to-digest content – short sentences work best. Content should be straightforward, explaining the benefits of your product or service without using overly promotional phrasing and fluff.

The human brain processes visuals much quicker than text, so images will affect viewers even more than verbiage. Choose high-quality, original images, graphics and video that help hammer home your message.

Layout: When determining a layout for your landing page, keep most important information “above the fold” – meaning visible to the visitor without scroll. Be aware of space and allow ample breathing room for your elements to establish order and help readers scan information quickly.

Calls-to-action: Unnecessary links and buttons can distract visitors from your ultimate goal. Keep calls-to-action limited, strong and direct. Testing has shown that CTAs using verbs and color are most successful.

If you’re using a form, you’ll have to weigh your goals to find your business’s optimal balance of fields. On one hand, shorter forms typically generate more leads because visitors don’t mind a quick and easy form fill. On the other hand, longer forms generate more detailed profiles and more promising leads – but fewer of them.

Reviews: Prospects love to know what others think about your product or service. Consider adding a list of current customers, positive reviews, case studies, videos or social media posts to help initiate favorable associations with your offerings.

In conclusion, keep your LP short, sweet and to the point. If you’re still unsure, take a look at these landing pages for visual guidance and inspiration.

  1. Uber
  2. Google Cloud
  3. Kentico
  4. Flywheel
  5. Coinbase