A GIF for You

Working in an agency can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a challenge. In the midst of juggling clients, ad reps, editors, supervisors and more, we still must remain connected to our team and our own personal sanity.

Enter the meme.

Around our office, memes keep us laughing, focused and grounded in humor during all sorts of busy seasons. No matter the mood or situation, there’s a perfect meme for almost anything at the agency. Here are a few of our favorites:

When you check your email after an extended OOO

Without fail, you become the most popular person around whenever you’re away from your desk.

The face you make when your favorite client contact is in town

We all have our personal favorites.

That feeling when your computer installs updates in the middle of a writing assignment

Who gave you permission to update? I know I didn’t!

How you feel when the new company swag comes in

That feeling when the latest office snacks arrive

*In my best Moana voice* “The snacks packed away in the break room they CALL me, so I must GOOOO!”

When end-of-month is afoot

Oh God! Is it clipping time already? Everything is due at once? I thought I had more time…. 

That feeling when you absolutely KILL a pitch

When someone asks what you DO all day?

Do I say Professional emailer, or my actual job duties? Such a conundrum.

How the squad rolls up to a company outing

“Ahem, excuse us. We’re on the VIP list.”

When the client asks you to make it “pop” more

So … what does that mean?

When the team finishes a monster-sized project all in one piece

Celebrating stellar teamwork is a must!

How you sleep because you actually LOVE your job

What can we say? It ain't easy, but we wouldn't have it any other way!