Four steps to effectively strengthen your brand

Creating a strong brand is vital to the survival of any organization. Branding can give you the upper hand against the competition and increase awareness for prospective customers. Use these simple steps to start strengthening your brand and laying the foundation for loyal clients.   

1) Define your brand.

Analyze your offerings and pinpoint your company’s competitive advantages. Direct marketing efforts only to your ideal customer -- trying to market to everyone can weaken your brand and waste resources. Determining a target “dream” client will also help you to speak directly to their needs. Develop your brand’s character, goals and values based on those specific needs and use that knowledge and understanding to connect with your audience. Begin promoting yourself in unique ways that resonate with your goals.  

2) Be consistent.

It’s never too late to establish brand standards.  Having a consistent aesthetic and voice reinforces the brand character and values. It also builds audience familiarity.

If you don’t have defined brand standards – it’s easy to start! Choose a font that is clear and versatile and reflects your company’s personality. (Avoid trendy costume fonts like comic sans, papyrus, curlz, etc., as those fonts disregard the rules of typography and are considered too playful for business usage). Begin using your brand font across all materials, print and web-based. Serif and sans serif default fonts are usually great options, as they are simple, legible and standard on most computers.

Apply the same rationale to the color scheme. Pick two or three primary colors to use throughout, and then supplement those colors with one or two accent colors. Establishing a set color palette and font will develop visual recognition for existing and prospective customers. 

If you use a lot of imagery, start choosing imagery with similar styles, or applying the same filters on social media. Consistency in these areas will further develop and strengthen your aesthetic. In the example below the images share similar composition, crop and zoom and coloring.

koroberi-brand-consistency koroberi-brand-consistency-2

3) Understand the competitive landscape.

Pay attention to competitor brands and their marketing positions. In what ways are they successful? In what areas are they lacking? Determine your brand’s unique strengths and focus on capabilities that market your company in creative ways.

Stay up-to-date on industry news by setting Google Alerts, attending trade events, and monitoring trends.  This will allow you to keep a tab on competitors and adapt accordingly.

4) Communicate and engage.

Offer a welcoming presence, helpful resources and compelling information to engage clients and prove both your worth and credibility.

Keep your web presence optimized and fully responsive for quick viewing and sharing.  Interact with your followers and encourage them to leave comments and reviews detailing their experience. Customers want to know people – not businesses. Focusing efforts on developing friendly relationships lays the foundation for long-term clients.


Building a strong brand takes time and effort, but with these simple you are well on your way.

Remember that personality and consistency is key and the overall goal is to develop a meaningful, seamless experience for your clients.

Need help developing your brand, or still don’t know where to start? Contact us – we can help!