Anatomy of a perfect banner ad

Each day, you see hundreds of ads, but only a couple will catch your eye and even fewer will entice you to read or click. What makes those ads stand out from the rest? If you take the time to examine those attention-getting ads, you’ll see that most B2B banner ads can be broken down to a basic science. 

1) Good use of space

good b2b banner ad examples

Although banner ad sizes can be limiting, don’t be afraid to leave a little white space. Chances are, if every pixel is utilized for some sort of graphic, the viewer will get sensory overload and scroll past your ad immediately. Each graphic element should have a deliberate purpose, and a little room to breathe. 

2) Animation

good b2b banner ad examples

Banner ads with a little movement, whether through HTML animations for GIF slides, usually outperform static graphics when it comes to audience engagement. Simple animations can highlight an action, draw attention to a certain message or element, or simply be more interesting to look at. Aim to keep the ad animation under 15 seconds from start to finish and add a long pause before looping to ensure the call-to-action resonates.  

3) Clear message 

good b2b banner ad examples

Attention spans are short and getting shorter – each part of your ad must count. Be creative, but be clear about the main takeaway. If you want the audience to remember one thing from your ad, what would it be? Use your answer as a guide. 

4) Obvious benefit 

good b2b banner ad examples

Why would a business choose to work with you? What sets your offering apart? Pricing, credibility, knowledge, technology, or perhaps customer service? Let the audience know upfront. 

5) Call to action

good b2b banner ad examples

What do you hope your audience will do upon viewing your ad? Vague call-to-actions like “learn more” or “contact us” can be used… but the best ones are more specific to let the viewer know exactly what they are signing up for. Some examples:

  • Subscribe today
  • Download now  
  • Request a demo

In addition to the actual text of the call-to-action, the copy should be placed in an obvious button to set it apart from the rest of the layout.

6) Compelling design elements

good b2b banner ad examples

Product imagery is great, but can be boring without a designer’s magical touch. Make use of relevant icons and design hierarchy. Get creative with other elements, too, like textured backgrounds or image enhancements.

7) Brand adherence  

good b2b banner ad examples

No matter the objective of the ad, brand consistency is hugely important. A company’s logo should be present and prominent, and the look and feel of the ad should match the brand’s overall aesthetic – including use of colors and typography. 

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