7 traits the best marketers possess

Over the years I’ve been privileged to work with some amazingly talented marketing professionals. Unsurprisingly, they have quite a few traits in common. See below for our list of qualities that help separate the best from the rest.


  1. Curiosity

Successful marketers are always hungry to learn. About market trends, new products, unfamiliar industries – you name it. They’re often that person at a party who asks you back-to-back questions about yourself – and are genuinely interested in the answer. They’re obsessed with behaviors and outcomes, and enjoy the constant changes and developments of the marketing industry. 


  1. Resourcefulness

It’s my belief you can find an answer to anything if you have patience and determination. Knowing where to look, who to ask (and sometimes more importantly – when to ask) will serve you well. Being resourceful goes hand in hand with working smarter, not harder. Chances are the answer or inspiration you’ve been looking for is just around the corner.


  1. Adaptability

 We’ve all been there: “Hi, this is [insert client/coworker name here]. I have an urgent project due tomorrow morning – and there’s no wiggle room on the deadline. HELP!” 

While this scenario isn’t ideal, it’s your job to make it work. Whether at an agency or in-house, sometimes the best opportunities come with little-to-no notice.

Additionally, given the ever-changing nature of our business, marketers need to be able to adapt to new technologies and ideas. What worked yesterday may not work today.


  1. Creativity

You might be surprised this wasn’t #1 on the list. Creativity in the traditional, artistic sense of the word is important, but I would argue creative problem solving is far more vital for a successful marketer. There are few things more exciting for a marketer than testing a new way to convey a message or a finding a non-traditional approach to a common idea. (If you have the artistic ability too – well that’s an added bonus!)


  1. Eloquence

 A big piece of a marketer’s job is simplifying complex ideas. Whether it’s explaining intricate mechanics in a technical white paper, or deciphering last month’s advertising marketing metrics, being clear, concise and thoughtful are extremely valuable.


  1. Honesty

 The best marketers are inherent strategists and are always looking ahead to the next move. They won’t overpromise, will point out any red flags and won’t be afraid to say “no.”  They also aren’t afraid to be accountable and own up to their mistakes.


  1. Humility

 Everyone loves getting praise, but marketers aren’t glory seekers. They’re focused on their client’s problems and how to solve them quickly and effectively. A “win” just means it’s time to look for the next opportunity to excel. There’s no room for a big ego in the marketing world.  


 Did we miss any traits? Drop us a line!