4 trendy ways to keep your brand fresh in 2018

The start of a new year seems to be prime time to take stock of your brand and revamp your look. Whether your goal is a complete overhaul, or just small changes to keep up with the times, here are four trendy ways to keep your brand looking alive in 2018.    

1. Adopt a responsive logo

In a time where branding channels range from billboards to mobile apps, having a logo that maintains the brand’s identity consistently is important. A logo relying heavily on intricate detail may work beautifully in large applications, but may become muddy and difficult to see in smaller ones. Adopt a responsive logo that adds and removes elements based on size and use case.

2. Be daring with color

The use of bold, vibrant color has been on the rise for the last several years, but this year, test the boundaries and challenge brand standards with your color usage. Layering patterns and gradients can transform an uninspired design into something magical. But be careful to consult color theory and find balance and contrast without vibration and visual abrasiveness. Spotify and Instagram have been on the forefront of this trend with their vibrant duotones and captivating gradients.

3. Experiment with typography

In recent years, sans serif fonts have ruled the design world – but in 2018 you can expect to see extra large chunky type and a reintroduction of serif fonts. Additionally, the way fonts are being used is evolving – brands are utilizing type as graphics in place of illustration or to supplement photography. If you think experimental typography could be a fit for your brand, be sure to keep the fundamental rules of typography, like readability and kerning, top of mind.

4. Dive into depth

Another trend on the upswing is designing with dimension. Flat icons and graphics have been “in” for quite some time, and it is refreshing to see some change. Depth can be established in so many ways – swap out flat icons for isometric graphics, or layer a combination of image types to achieve an entirely new aesthetic. You can also change up your color choices and add subtle gradients to make flat illustrations appear more dimensional.

Don’t allow your brand to fall behind with the times. Even a small graphic change has the potential to make big waves with your audience.