Professional Title Protocol

We recently blogged about translation management tips. With translation opportunities and international projects of any kind, cultural marketing and etiquette must be taken into consideration. Every country has its own set of customs that govern all types of interactions and relationships. Professionally speaking, you won’t ever hear an executive from China or Brazil insist on […]

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Why we love marketing metrics

It’s no secret: even with mountains of data in today’s “information age,” clients often want to measure the un-measurable to determine the true return on investment in advertising, social media and PR programs. This can be for a variety of reasons, ending with a variation of “If we can’t show a return on this ad, management […]

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Six Things Marketers Need To Know About Effective Translations

Say it with me now, “global marketplace.” We love helping companies go global, from ensuring the message is culturally relevant to recommending a brand color pallet for each target country. While many mid- to large-size companies may have multilingual employees to translate collateral, these experts often need to spend time on other projects. Enter translation […]

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Five quick tips for concise, targeted writing

Whether you’re drafting copy about power tools, robots or web development,  strong technical writing requires a firm understanding of complex products and services and the ability to present them in a concise, easy-to-understand format.  Follow these five simple rules to ensure highly technical writing projects live up to their potential. Be concise There’s no need […]

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6 Content Marketing Myths – Busted

What is content marketing, really? It’s a new concept to some people, especially those not entirely up-to-date with digital trends, but it’s here to stay. The purpose of content marketing is to “attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior,” as defined by the Content […]

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So you think you’re going to roll out Flash advertising: things you need to know

Flash ads can bring more interest to online ad campaigns by introducing complex animations, but successful implementation requires detailed preparation. Check out the tips below for dos and don’ts of rolling out flash campaigns. Flash is not compatible with every device. Flash doesn’t work on certain tablet and mobile devices, so be sure to have a […]

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Cyber Monday: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Digital Marketers

Dec. 2 falls on a Monday. What makes this particular Monday special? Online retailers experience an influx of holiday-cheered, post-Black Friday shoppers ready to steal deals on the Internet to celebrate of this recently-created jubilee: Cyber Monday. For some perspective on its popularity, Adobe reported online sales of $1.98 billion on Cyber Monday in 2012, […]

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Five quick tips for building a professional online presence

From Friendster to Facebook, people of all ages and paths of life have been making their mark in the digital world. An online presence can make or break a prospective job, create networking opportunities and provide an outlet for personal expression. Here are a few tips to building—and maintaining—a professional online presence. 1. Use discretion… […]

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The Future of LinkedIn

Morning appointment to get braces off—check. Pick up cleats before soccer practice—check. Finish To Kill a Mockingbird essay—check. Update LinkedIn profile—check. As of Sept. 12 this year, LinkedIn will open its cyber gates to 14-year-old middle and high school students. Along with the young new users, higher education institutions are revamping their LinkedIn pages to […]

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Game of Porcelain Thrones

TV metrics and tracking accelerates Dollar Shave Club's quest to own the bathroom By now, most have seen the edgy and humorously effective YouTube spot for Dollar Shave Club, a Venice, Calif. start-up which delivers fresh razor blades to members on a monthly basis.  After collecting 250,000 monthly razor blade subscriptions, Dollar Shave Club introduced […]

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