The evolution of the #hashtag

A few weeks ago, a Koroberi team member drew the pound symbol [#] on a piece of paper and conducted an informal survey, asking coworkers to name the figure. Even though all respondents were born long before the creation of Twitter, the majority identified the symbol as a “hashtag,” The hashtag is now a part […]

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Four reasons why everyone should know basic coding

Summer marketing intern Claudia Amand reports on the importance of coding basics. Looking for an internship with a web development or interactive marketing agency? Obtain these skills and you’ll be a competitive candidate. There is a common misconception that only computer programmers, nerdy tech developers and hackers should know how to write code. Nothing could […]

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The art of real-time marketing: tips for success

Social media allows everyone to feel connected in real time, but leaves brands with the challenge to constantly speed up their social marketing activity. As a result, brands increasingly rely on new strategies like real-time marketing to keep up with audiences and take advantage of social media’s “real-time” culture. Though it’s tough to exactly define […]

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Botnets, stacking and CMS hacking: how to detect ad fraud

In an increasingly digital world, the majority of websites and mobile apps survive on paid advertisements. According to a study by Broadcast Interactive Media, pay-per-view (PPV) networks deliver hundreds of millions of fraudulent impressions per day, defined as “invalid traffic that includes both clicks and impressions that Google suspects to not be the result of […]

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How to Wow with Your Presentation

You will be hard-pressed to find a presentation that doesn’t involve PowerPoint. Use these quick tips and tricks to guarantee an engaging, interesting presentation. 1. The Importance of Design Proportions are important. Use widescreen format to maximize usable area. Fonts matter. Stick with clean and simple fonts to communicate most effectively. Limit yourself to only […]

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End-of-Year-Thoughts: What I’ve Learned While Interning at Koroberi

By Alison Lee My senior year marked a number of “firsts”: eating at that restaurant everyone talks about, hiking Pilot Mountain and interning at a B2B marketing agency. Here are some of the key discoveries I’ve made as an integrated marketing intern at Koroberi, among others: 1. PR, advertising and marketing aren’t the same, but they […]

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Professional Title Protocol

We recently blogged about translation management tips. With translation opportunities and international projects of any kind, cultural marketing and etiquette must be taken into consideration. Every country has its own set of customs that govern all types of interactions and relationships. Professionally speaking, you won’t ever hear an executive from China or Brazil insist on […]

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Why we love marketing metrics

It’s no secret: even with mountains of data in today’s “information age,” clients often want to measure the un-measurable to determine the true return on investment in advertising, social media and PR programs. This can be for a variety of reasons, ending with a variation of “If we can’t show a return on this ad, management […]

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Six Things Marketers Need To Know About Effective Translations

Say it with me now, “global marketplace.” We love helping companies go global, from ensuring the message is culturally relevant to recommending a brand color pallet for each target country. While many mid- to large-size companies may have multilingual employees to translate collateral, these experts often need to spend time on other projects. Enter translation […]

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Five quick tips for concise, targeted writing

Whether you’re drafting copy about power tools, robots or web development, strong technical writing requires a firm understanding of complex products and services and the ability to present them in a concise, easy-to-understand format. Follow these five simple rules to ensure highly technical writing projects live up to their potential. Be concise There’s no need […]

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