Capturing B2B Marketing Knowledge from Twitter

As we are updating our agency web site, we wanted to incorporate more social media tools into the mix. The topic of discussion today was Twitter. I gave an overview of this microblogging tool to some of my colleagues.

We discussed some basic aspects of Twitter, including how to build a network, the importance of being a person rather than a company, and how to engage with others and become part of the Twitter conversation. In showing off some of Twitter’s shininess , especially the very timely, we discussed the value of scraping the Twitter stream for business marketing related tweets (a 140-character long post on Twitter) and re-posting them on our site.

This is an easy way to provide additional content and knowledge about business marketing, especially in the B2B space, to our site visitors. This blog is one way to present content from industry professionals, but an automatically updated snapshot of thoughts and links from marketers on Twitter is another. The programming of this Twitter stream on our site is easy, since it would just be displaying an RSS feed of a specialized Twitter search.

Since we are all concerned with SEO, especially with our new site, I wondered aloud how tinyurls are handled when the search spiders crawl a site. A tinyurl is compact and permanent reference link to a site address, or URL, to reduce the number of characters needed to provide a link. According to this post about tinyURL SEO, since a tinyurl is a permanent redirect, these posts would gain the benefit of authoritative outgoing links. This would provide additional positive SEO benefits to our site.

Watch this space for more details as we work out the final details of displaying a relevant Twitter search on this site. In the meantime, check out this great post about 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business for more ideas of using Twitter in your business.

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UPDATE: The stream at the right called B2B on Twitter displays all Twitter posts with the term B2B in them.

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